How Do You Use a Knee Scooter to Get Around?

A knee scooter is an easy-to-handle, safe alternative for our customers who need to keep their foot up and off of the floor after an injury or surgical procedure. This piece of medical equipment comes with a padded seat, 4 wheels, and brakes.

Our customers will place their knee on the padded seat, where it will rest while they walk and move around. The 4 wheels combined with brakes make it extremely easy for our customers to move around in a safe manner without fear of the foot/leg falling or brushing the ground.

In addition to the easy maneuverability, each knee walker we keep in stock will help with balance. Many of our customers find it difficult to balance on traditional crutches or 3 wheel scooters, but all our scooters/walkers have better balance due to the stable 4-wheel design.

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can help answer any questions our customers may have about using their new piece of medical equipment. Contact us at Heal Well Medical Supply to talk with one of our experienced staff members about how to use this piece of medical equipment.

Where Can I Find a Quality Knee Scooter?

Heal Well Medical Supply, located in Houston, Texas, keeps a variety of scooters and walkers in stock. Our store keeps a current inventory of over 1,500 products that are available for immediate purchase or to rent. We have easy access to an additional 10,000 products that can be purchased or rented and available for next day delivery.

Our store is located in the 610 Loop at 3278 S Loop W FWY. We are conveniently located to the Houston Medical Center and other popular locations in and around Houston, Texas.

All of our staff members are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the medical supply industry. Our employees work with our customers to determine which scooter or knee walker rental is the best fit for a current situation and budget. Visit our store to work with one of our experienced staff members to find the right piece of medical equipment.

What Variety of Knee Scooter is Right for Me?

There are currently three types of scooters that are designed for this particular situation. The first type of scooter available is a 'non-steering' model. This scooter comes with no steering wheel, which means that an individual will have to manually turn/move their entire body to move around.

The second type of scooter is called a knee attachment. This is model also does not have a steering wheel, which makes maneuvering difficult. In addition to the trouble moving around, this model tends to be unstable at times, which knocks the user off balance.

The last type of knee scooter, and the one we carry at Heal Well Medical Supply, is the 4 wheel variety. This model comes with a steering wheel and brakes, which make is extremely easy to maneuver around various areas.

The type of scooter chosen is based on personal preference, but most – if not all – of our customers prefer the 4 wheel model. Our customers noticed faster recovery times and increased comfort when using this type of scooter. Contact us to talk with one of our staff members about which scooter type is right for you.