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Do you need hoyer lifts for moving patients or your loved ones from one place to another? Do you need them at less cost and better in quality? Or do you need hoyer lifts that make the most sense for your lifestyle, size, and use? Having accessible medical equipment such as hoyer lifts is an important part of providing accessible medical care to individuals with mobility disabilities.
A good hoyer lift is an investment that should be made wisely. Because this equipment will be used by seniors, people who are disabled and people who are recovering from injuries, you need to take extra care while buying a hoyer lift for your loved ones. A basic hoyer lift has a hydraulic cylinder while electric hoyer lift has a rechargeable battery so it portable to move from anywhere. Hoyer lifts also prevent injuries to both the care givers and patient by helping move the patient safely. With a weight capacity of 400LB, our electric hoyer lifts will save you both time and money in your every day to day use.
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