Is Knee Walker Rental Affordable?

A knee walker rental can be an affordable option for some of our customers. Whether it is or is not an affordable option really depends upon how long the piece of medical equipment will be used.

Many of our customers will find that if they are told to be off their foot for up to 2 months then renting might be a viable and affordable solution. It will help them save money and eliminates potential clutter by having a piece of medical equipment around the house that will never be used.

However, if the recovery period for an injury or surgery is longer than two to three months, purchasing the piece of medical equipment might be a better option. Our staff members work with our customers to determine which option – renting or purchasing – is the best and most affordable option when it comes to medical equipment. Contact us at Heal Well Medical Supply to learn more about rental options for medical equipment.

Which Company Provides Knee Walker Rental in Houston?

Heal Well Medical Supply located in Houston, Texas has a variety of options when it comes to choosing to rent this type of medical equipment. Our company is conveniently located to many locations in and around Houston, especially the Houston Medical Center. We are located just inside the 610 loop.

Our store is located at 3278 S Loop W FWY. We have plenty of free parking spots located near our store making it easy for our customers to stop by and shop for essential medical supplies.

Customers can place orders for a rental knee walker by visiting our store or by calling. Our employees are ready and willing to take orders for rentals by phone and can have the equipment delivered next day. Our employees can also provide recommendations for which piece of equipment is best for a customer's current situation. Call us or stop by our store to learn more about our medical equipment rental system.

How Long Can I Keep My Knee Walker Rental?

The length of time in which our customers can keep their knee scooter will depend upon the type of injury or surgery they underwent. Some customers need this piece of medical equipment for 2-3 weeks, while others may need it for several months. No matter what the situation, our customers can keep their rental medical equipment as long as they need it.

Most doctors will be able to offer their patients an estimated time in which they can expect to have to use the knee walker rental. This time frame can be used by our customers to determine if a rental is the best option or if purchasing the piece of medical equipment would be a more affordable option. Contact us at Heal Well Medical Supply to talk with a knowledgeable staff member about what medical equipment we have available for rental.