What Local Medical Supply Store Carries a Knee Walker?

Heal Well Medical Supply, located in Houston, Texas, keeps a variety of knee walkers in stock. These walkers are available to our customers for purchase or for rent. A knee walker rental is ideal for our customers who anticipate using this specific piece of medical equipment for a short period of time.

Our friendly and experienced staff is always on hand to help our customers make the best decision when it comes to selecting this type of medical supply equipment. Our staff can answer questions and provide recommendations on which walker is the best for a customer's given situation. Contact us at Heal Well Medical Supply to learn more about the products we carry and keep in stock.

How Can a Knee Walker Help Healing After an Injury or Surgery?

After an injury or surgery, most people are told to use traditional crutches. Crutches help to keep the weight off the leg/foot, which allows it to heal. Unfortunately, it can be extremely hard to maneuver or balance when using crutches. A knee scooter does not have these types of issues.

When using a walker for the knee, it keeps the foot completely off of the ground without all the challenges of crutches. Our customers that use this type of medical equipment find it extremely easy to balance and move around. This allows our customers to feel free to move around without fear of being constrained by their injury.

In addition to better balance and maneuverability, this piece of medical equipment promotes faster healing. The ability to keep the foot completely off the ground allows the injury or surgical site to heal faster because there is no possibility of it dragging on the group or bumping into things. Contact us at Heal Well Medical Supply to talk with one of our experienced staff members about how this type of medical equipment can help during a surgery or injury.

What Houston Store Sells an Affordable Knee Walker?

Affordable medical equipment, especially walkers for the knee, can be found at Heal Well Medical Supply. Our store offers a variety of medical supplies from different manufacturers, all at affordable prices. We even have a staff of experienced, knowledgeable people who are able to help answer questions and help customers find the right product for their medical needs.

Our store is located at 3278 S Loop W FWY in Houston, Texas. Medical supplies can be purchased or rented by visiting our store directly or by calling. We carry over 1,500 products that are available for immediate purchase and have an additional 10,000 products available for next day delivery. Visit us at Heal Well Medical Supply to work with one of our experienced staff members to find an affordable knee walker.