Heal Well Medical Supply Store in Houston - A great selection of wheelchairs and more home health products!

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Q: Where can I go in Houston for wheelchairs delivered direct to my door?A: Heal Well Medical Supply store in Houston has what you need, plus accessories, wheelchair ramps and thousands of other items in stock!

What Company Supplies High Quality and Affordable Medical Supplies in Houston?

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Q: Where Can You Find Affordable, High Quality Medical Supplies in Houston?A: Heal Well Medical Supply, located on the South Loop West Freeway in Houston, offers customers the chance to purchase high quality medical supplies at affordable rates. We have a vast inventory of different pieces of medical equipment that will fit almost anyone's budget.

What are the Advantages of Buying Medical Supplies Locally?

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Q: Why Should You Buy Medical Supplies from a Local Retailer?A: There are a number of reasons why customers prefer to purchase their supplies from a local retailer, as opposed to mail order catalogs or shopping online with a major chain retailer. Some of those reasons include the ability to interact directly with a knowledgeable customer service representative, the chance to try out items before purchasing them, and the ability to return items in store.

Medical Supply Store Houston Infographic February 2015

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Medical Supply Store Houston Infographic February 2015

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Ways To Benefit From A Knee Walker Rental

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There are many benefits to a knee walker rental. The first is that it will be responsible for promoting mobility. Whether you are at home or wanting to go out, it’s good to get out and move around whenever possible. This will prevent the other muscles in the body from atrophying. Another benefit is that the walker rental will allow you to get the help needed without investing a significant amount of money.

When is a Knee Walker a Better Idea Than Crutches?

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Using a knee walker is sometimes a better choice than using crutches. Why? In most cases, crutches are difficult to use and pose the added risk of reinjury. Here are three situations in which a scooter is a better option for your recovery.

What Variety Of Knee Scooter Is Right For Me?

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The type of knee scooter to select will be based on your medical reasons for needing the leg and foot support. You also have to take your environment into consideration. Certain scooters are more maneuverable than others as you may need this extra mobility to navigate halls, rooms and sharp corners.

Where Can I Purchase Affordable Compression Socks?

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You can purchase affordable compression socks from reliable medical supply companies such as Heal Well Medical Supply. We offer these stockings specially designed to address several medical issues such as varicose veins, ankle or foot swelling, or venous ulcer prevention. Our stockings are ideal for pregnant women who need maternity support, patients who are going through physical therapy, or people who have a recent injury or have undergone surgery.

Is a Knee Walker Rental Affordable?

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A rented knee walker can be an affordable alternative to buying crutches or scooters if you will be using it for a short period of time. For people who will need to be off the injured foot or leg for a few days or weeks, you will find that renting the walker will allow you to save money.

How Can A Knee Walker Help Healing After An Injury Or Surgery?

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How Can a Knee Walker Help Healing After an Injury or SurgeryA walker for the knee or leg helps keep the leg elevated. The leg sits up on a support as you walk. With the leg supported, your surgery or injury can heal without any additional trauma inflicting the leg. The walker allows for mobility inside the house and outside along the street.