What Local Company Sells an Affordable Wheelchair in Houston?

Heal Well Medical Supply has a variety of affordable products for customers looking for wheelchairs in Houston. Our store keeps in stock a number of different types of wheelchairs. We keep in stock the standard 18" wheelchairs and even stock larger ones that range in size from 20" to 24". Customer looking for smaller wheelchairs will also find a 16" and 14" model available for purchase.

In some cases where recovery periods will be fairly short, a wheelchair rental may be recommended instead of purchasing one. Our store provides a number of wheelchairs available for rent. Call us to learn more about our current inventory of wheelchairs that are available for sale or for rent.

Where Can I Find a Wheelchair and Wheelchair Accessories to Choose From in Houston?

Heal Well Medical Supply offers a variety of wheelchair accessories that are available for purchase. While our store keeps a vast selection of medical supplies available on site, our wheelchair accessories are typically available by special order only.

Wheelchair accessories are only available for special order because of the sheer number of products available. There are thousands of products available for all types of wheelchairs. It is almost impossible to keep every item in stock.

Our staff members will work with our customers to find the wheelchair accessory they want and need. We will place the order and get it to them in a timely manner. Call us to talk with a staff member about what accessories may be available for purchase for wheelchairs in Houston.

What Features are Important to Consider Before Buying a Wheelchair in Houston?

Purchasing a wheelchair is a major decision. We recommend that our customers take a few things into consideration before purchasing or renting a wheelchair from our medical supply store.

Some of the basic things to consider include the height of the individual who is using the wheelchair and the weight of the person. Some wheelchairs are equipped with adjustable features that can help individuals who are taller or shorter, but some wheelchairs do not have this feature.

Another factor to consider is how the individual will be transporting themselves in the wheelchair. Will the individual be wheeling themselves around or will they have someone to assist them? Will they be able to move the wheelchair from the car/van? Are there any narrow doorways or hallways that need to be navigated? These are just some questions we encourage our customers to ask themselves.

In addition to these questions, another thing to consider is how much an individual can carry. Some of the wheelchairs we have in stock weight up to 250 lbs. and some are over 300 lbs.

There are so many things to consider when buying wheelchairs in Houston. Our staff can help customers assess their needs and determine which wheelchair is the best option. Contact us at Heal Well Medical Supply to talk with a member of our staff about other things to consider when buying a wheelchair.