If you or a loved one will be temporarily off your feet due to an injury or while recovering from surgery, knowing who to contact for reliable wheelchair rental services in the Houston area can simplify your period of convalescence and help you obtain a wheelchair that will meet all of your needs without the upfront costs associated with the outright purchase of a wheelchair.

The decision to purchase or rent a wheelchair revolves around the length of time you expect to be off of your feet. In cases where a wheelchair is needed on a short term basis for someone recovering from an injury or after a surgery, wheelchair rental offers an affordable alternative to purchasing your own unit. Although it does vary, rental units are usually more economical in situations where a wheelchair will be needed for two to three months or less; longer term use generally warrants the outright purchase of a wheelchair unit.

Since proper sizing is critical for comfort and functionality in a wheelchair, locating a facility with a professional staff experienced in meeting the needs of customers seeking medical supplies is an essential step towards a hassle free experience with your wheelchair. Any special needs of each person can also be taken into consideration when choosing an ideal wheelchair; for example, some people will be able to wheel themselves around throughout their recovery period, whereas others may require help from an assistant.

If any problems do arise after leaving, customers should feel comfortable returning to the rental facility for additional professional assistance with their unit and/or to exchange or upgrade to another wheelchair which will more effectively meet your needs.

At Heal Well Medical Supply, you will find a large selection of wheelchairs available for rent. Since people come in all sizes, wheelchairs must be available to meet the needs of everyone, whether large or small. One size fits all is no longer a concept which applies to wheelchairs. With everything from small 14" models designed for lightweight adults or children to our extra large 24" models, you will be able to spend your recovery period riding in a comfortable chair that is sized appropriately for your weight and height.

To speed up your recovery period, you may also choose to invest in affordable compression socks. Whether you are using your wheelchair or are standing and walking, these simple devices can minimize your recovery period while providing a number of additional benefits. With designs for both men and women available at Heal Well, you have the option of purchasing affordable medical socks at one location when its time to pick up your wheelchair unit.

Knowing who to contact in the Houston area if you need a wheelchair rental can help a challenging time in your life flow more smoothly. With the assistance of a knowledgeable staff, you will be guided to select a wheelchair that fits your body properly; staff can also help you decide if it is more financially appropriate to purchase or rent a wheelchair unit.

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