Who Offers Wheelchair Rental in Houston?

Heal Well Medical Supply offers a wheelchair rental service. Our store keeps a variety of wheelchairs in stock that are available for our customers to rent.

Our customers are able to keep their rental as long as they need to use it. Whether it is a few weeks or several months, our rental service provides them with the medical equipment they need to get around.

Our store is conveniently located to multiple popular places throughout Houston, including the Houston Medical Center. We are located at 3278 S Loop W FWY and provide plenty of free parking to our customers. Call us to talk with one of our talented employees about our medical supply rental program that offers rentals for wheelchairs in Houston.

How is Wheelchair Rental a Good Alternative to Buying?

Renting a wheelchair is a good alternative to buying for some of our customers. Customers that are only expected to be off their feet for a short period of time can benefit dramatically from choosing to rent a wheelchair. Some of the benefits our customers will see include saving money and eliminating clutter by not having an unwanted piece of medical equipment around the house after it is used.

Unfortunately, renting is not always the best solution for our customers. Customers that are expected to have a long recovery period that last more than 3 months may find purchasing a wheelchair to be the best option.

Our experienced staff can help customers determine whether renting or purchasing a wheelchair is the best and most affordable option. Our staff will ask questions to understand our customer's current situation and make our recommendation based off of that information. Contact us at Heal Well Medical Supply to learn more about the benefits of renting a wheelchair.

Where can I Find Reasonable Prices for Wheelchair Rental?

Heal Well Medical Supply offers great prices on rentals. All rental wheelchairs are competitively priced. In fact, in many cases our prices are less than the competition.

Customers that are facing an extended recovery period will find great prices on our wheelchair rentals. Many of our available rentals are priced in a way that the longer the recovery period, the more savings our customers will see.

When coming to our store, many of our customers are unsure if a rental is the best option for their current situation. Our staff members are ready and willing to help with this decision. We will ask questions regarding expected recovery time and current budget, and we will make our recommendation based off of the information that is provided. In many cases, customers who are looking at prolonged recovery times may benefit from purchasing a wheelchair instead of renting. Call us at Heal Well Medical Supply to learn more about our affordable rental system for medical supplies.