VivaLift! - Elegance Large Lift Chair

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VivaLift chairs are the new line of Pride lift chairs. Featuring personal lumbar support for that perfect comfort. With a lithium back up battery, you never have to worry about getting out of your chair in case of a power outage. with its sleek design, you won't have a problem finding the perfect spot in your home for this gorgeous lift chair. The remote features a USB port for your laptop or cell phone charging. This chair has all the best features style, comfort. and technology to get you well through the next few years! Did we mention it lays almost flat go ahead relax put your feet up on its extended footrest and play around with the endless positions to find that perfect relaxing position. After your rested Get lifted to start another beautiful day of activities.

Elevate Your Lifestyle!

  • Power Lumbar for personalized ergonomic comfort
  • Full-Width Power Headrest to lift head, neck and shoulders
  • Lithium Battery Back-Up is an industry first! Abundant power lasts and replaces ordinary one-time-use backups
  • Fashion Forward Styles set these chairs apart from all others!
  • USB remote
  • Footrest extension
  • Infinite lay flat

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