Reliable access to medical supplies can improve the quality of life for nearly everyone, especially those healing from a recent surgery or injury and those caring for a medical patient  in a state of recovery. Many people have trouble finding their needed items at one store, as stocking rates and supply inventories are often low at many medical supply stores. By providing customers a large variety of in stock medical products and offering ordering options with a fast turnaround for more specific items, Heal Well Medical Supply is committed to serving Houston area residents in need of medical care items.

The list of available medical supplies in Houston is extensive and includes:

  • Mobility enhancing equipment such as wheelchairs, wheelchair lifts and ramps, walking aids including knee walkers, lifts and accessories, and more.
  • Medical garments and household items including hosiery, pillows, adjustable beds and accessories, gloves, compression garments, etc.
  • Home health care medical equipment for respiratory patients, diabetics, incontinence, physical therapy, orthopedics, skin and wound care, basic first aid items and products for daily living as well as a large selection of additional miscellaneous items.
  • Rental equipment of items needed on a temporary basis such as knee walkers, wheelchairs, specific nursing supplies, etc.

Unlike some other companies, our family owned and operated business is committed to helping customers obtain even hard to find items. If your needed medical supplies are not currently in stock, our company is able to order virtually any medical supply currently available on the market with a turnaround of one day in the majority of cases. Home delivery is available and provided by friendly staff members who are eager to help.

While there are numerous advantages to purchasing your medical equipment from a local store, perhaps the most important is the ability to interact directly with experts in the medical field who can help determine which products best meet the needs of each particular customer. We also are happy to provide returns or exchanges to any customer dissatisfied with a particular product and can help select another item which may be more appropriate.

For people in need of medical supplies in the Houston area, Heal Well Medical Supply is available to provide customers a wide variety of in stock items as well as a rapid turnaround on specially ordered items. In addition, we offer affordable prices and great customer service which guarantees satisfaction with your medical purchase.