Houston area residents who are recovering from a recent leg or foot surgery or injury may wish to consider the option of using a knee walker rental as opposed to traditional crutches. Because they provide users a far greater range of mobility than crutches while promoting rapid and complete healing, knee walkers are becoming more attractive to people in recovery from a leg or foot issue.

Knee walkers are designed to completely support the knee of your injured foot or leg on a thick pad, in turn relieving the pressure on your foot and lower leg while you scoot the walker around with your other foot. This position will relieve more pressure from your foot and lower leg than the traditional crutch position where your foot is off the ground yet not supported in a horizontal position as knee walkers allow. A knee walker rental unit will completely support your knee and promote rapid healing by helping patients to follow doctors' orders to "rest with your leg up" as much as possible while helping you maintain the normal flow of your life while your injury heals.

Although knee walkers are available in a variety of types, most customers prefer the 4-wheel versions of walkers also equipped with brakes. As opposed to simpler models, 4-wheel versions provide patients with excellent mobility and stability through precise user control of the knee walker unit.

When deciding between a rental and purchase of your own equipment, the length of time you expect to use your knee walker will determine which option is best. With many common lower leg or foot injuries, doctors are able to provide patients with a reasonable estimate of how long healing will take. People that anticipate using a knee walker for more than two months will often find outright purchasing of a unit versus a knee walker rental makes good financial sense.

Finding a quality supply store for medical supplies in Houston (including knee walkers) can bring peace of mind to people recovering from an injury, illness, or surgery as well as caregivers of these patients. With a high rate of in stock items and the ability to order virtually any medical supply on the market today with a fast turnaround, our helpful staff at Heal Well Medical Supply is committed to providing excellent customer service and expert medical equipment advice to assist each patient in finding the ideal product for each situation.

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