Q: What is a Knee Walker?A: A knee walker is a unique device that allows you to rest one of your knees on the scooter while moving it around with the other knee. Especially after knee surgery, it can be one of the best ways to keep weight off of the knee to avoid any kind of further injury.

Q: What are the Primary Benefits?A: There are many benefits to a knee walker rental. The first is that it will be responsible for promoting mobility. Whether you are at home or wanting to go out, it’s good to get out and move around whenever possible. This will prevent the other muscles in the body from atrophying. Another benefit is that the walker rental will allow you to get the help needed without investing a significant amount of money. If you have a small recovery window from an injury or surgery, it can be considerably more affordable to rent the walker than to buy one. At Heal Well Medical Supply, we have low rental costs and will go over the various options.

Q: Are There Different Options?You will find different options with a walker and therefore will have different benefits based on the model you choose. There are walkers that allow you to store various items with you, such as magazines or even a basket where you can do shopping while pushing the walker. There are also various options for comfort around the handles and the padding under the knee to ensure you are as comfortable as can be as you use the walker for extended periods during the day.

Q: Is a Knee Walker Rental Right for Me?A: At Heal Well Medical Supply, we are always looking to answer questions from our customers. If you want to know if you can benefit from a knee walker rental, we will be happy to talk to you. We specialize in a number of medical supplies in Houston and can discuss the benefits to a walker rental. You can rent it for days, weeks, or months. It’s the chance to try out a few different models and not have to worry about storing a walker once you’re done with it, especially if you don’t think it will ever be used again.