How Can a Knee Walker Help Healing After an Injury or SurgeryA walker for the knee or leg helps keep the leg elevated. The leg sits up on a support as you walk. With the leg supported, your surgery or injury can heal without any additional trauma inflicting the leg. The walker allows for mobility inside the house and outside along the street.

What Advantages Do Walkers And Scooters Give?You may have problems keeping your entire weight off of the injured leg. You may also have problems keeping the leg up off the ground for long periods of time. A knee scooter or walker allows you to keep the leg elevated by allowing you to rest it on a flat surface. You can also walk with these devices as you have more maneuverability.

How Do Walkers Differ From Crutches?Crutches allow for movability by giving you support under your arms so you can hop on one leg. A scooter allows you to support the leg without needing your arms to be supported up. A knee walker rolls along a surface as many devices have a steering wheel that you can use to turn in different directions. Crutches can make it difficult to make sudden turns or to even move backwards.

Are These Walkers Adjustable?Yes. Both the seat and the arms are adjustable so it can be set at any height for the injured person. Crutches cannot be adjusted as you have to find the right pair for your size. If you have the wrong crutches, you may end up having sore armpits because they are too high or you may feel unbalanced when walking because they are too low. In addition, walkers can be folded up and placed on the back seat or in the small trunk of the car.

Where Can I Get Affordable Knee Walkers?We at Heal Well Medical Supply can provide you with the knee walker that is perfect to get you back on the path to wellness. By contacting our experienced staff, we can give you more information about how these walkers can help your knee or foot heal faster from an injury or from surgery.