Using a knee walker is sometimes a better choice than using crutches. Why? In most cases, crutches are difficult to use and pose the added risk of reinjury. Here are three situations in which a scooter is a better option for your recovery.

Q: When You Need to Guarantee Non-Weight BearingA: After certain knee and hip surgeries, ensuring that you are completely non-weight bearing is incredibly important. However, most patients using crutches unconsciouly put more weight on their injured leg than perhaps they intend. (This is often due to weakend or limited upper body strength.) By utilizing a scooter, you can make sure that an absolute minimum is placed on the knee or leg itself.

Q: When the Weather is Less Than IdealA: Another time when a scooter is a better choice than crutches is when the weather is bad. During winter conditions, hobbling around on crutches (even for the most experienced of crutch walkers!) can be dangerous. Of course, here in Houston we don't get ice or snow compared to other locations. But trying to use crutches in the rain can be extra difficult and might even cause a fall if you are not handling them properly. A knee walker allows you to glide along smoothly and get out of the elements in a much more timely fashion.

Q: When Your Doctor Requires the Use of a Knee WalkerA: Many doctors are requiring this type of walker directly after surgery. Patient compliance on crutches is less than stellar and keeping those who are post-procedure from using them is a better way to control healing time. Plus, most physicians and physical therapists agree that this type of scooter is just a better overall choice for a patient being able to return to office work and getting around on their own at home.

While these are just a few instances where a walker is a better choice over crutches, the facts are the same for a wide range of scenarios. Using a scooter improves mobility, increases patient compliance, and can even lessen healing time. In addition, many patients perfer the ease of mobility and the added "hands free" ability versus using crutches.

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