If a loved one has sustained an injury which requires that one foot be elevated during recovery, you may find that a knee scooter is the answer to your mobility concerns. A knee scooter or a knee walker will allow an individual to move about freely while keeping the injured foot or leg safely elevated. Providing appropriate mobility equipment is one way you can help a loved one during their time of injury recovery. Here are a few other ways you can be of assistance to a friend or family member while they are recovering.

Simple Errands

During recovery it is important that your friend or loved one can relax and not worry about their regular everyday responsibilities. When someone can step up and take care of grocery shopping or running the kids back and forth to school and activities it can really help your injured friend or loved one to focus on getting better.

Helping with Kids

If you friend or loved one has small children it can become very burdensome to deal with all that caring for small kids entails if they are injured. Stepping in to help out with homework, school projects, sporting events or simply hanging out to babysit till bedtime, can really take a load off of an injured person. You should also keep in mind that an injured person may not be able to react as quickly to an emergency situation involving their kids, so it is actually safer to have another adult around.

Financial Help

If your friend or loved one will be hindered from working regular hours because of their injury then budgeting could become an issue for them. Offering financial assistance while someone is injured is a great way to show how much you care. Many people are resistant to this type of assistance, however, you can be sneaky and perhaps simply buy a few bags of groceries or take care of a need you know your friend or loved one may have.

House Work

House work and yard maintenance is very difficult to keep up with while injured. Your friend or loved one will definitely need a helping hand to keep up with their household chores as well as their out door maintenance. Knowing that things like this are already taken care of will help your friend or loved one relax and get better quicker following their injury.

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