Once you hear from the doctor that you have a break or a sprain, you need to keep the weight off of your foot. Don't assume that you have to use crutches. A knee scooter is another option that you can explore so that you can improve your mobility without limping around in an uncoordinated fashion. There are three reasons why a scooter may be the better option.

The first reason that you want to skip the crutches is because you are inadvertently going to apply pressure to the foot. Crutches work in such a way that it allows you to put weight on the crutch instead of on your foot. You get used to a sort of swinging action with your bad foot. However, if you are not the most coordinated person, you are going to put weight on the foot simply because it's hard not to.

With a knee scooter, your bad foot is resting in the air because the knee is on a cushion. This means that the only leg that you are going to be able to set on the floor is your good one. Taking the thought process out of the equation can often help you, just as compression socks are designed to help circulation from the moment you put them on.

Another reason why you may want to avoid crutches is because they make it hard to get around in a timely manner. You probably want to try and continue your regular pace as much as possible. If you are bouncing around on crutches, it's going to be hard to get anywhere in a hurry. With a knee scooter, you have access to wheels, which means mobility can be greatly improved.

Finally, this kind of scooter is going to be a lot more convenient. You don't have to rely on crutches when you want to get everywhere, plus carrying things is nearly impossible because you already have your arms full with the crutches. A scooter can have a basket on the front, allowing you to take various things with you so that you never have to be without the things that you need.

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