The type of knee scooter to select will be based on your medical reasons for needing the leg and foot support. You also have to take your environment into consideration. Certain scooters are more maneuverable than others as you may need this extra mobility to navigate halls, rooms and sharp corners. Before deciding on a scooter, speak with your doctor to determine what would be the best medical device to protect your leg from further injury.

What Type Of Knee Scooters Are Available?There are currently three types of scooters out on the market: non-steering, knee attachment, and 4-wheel variety. Some scooters, like the 4-wheel types, offer more mobility than others. The non-steering and knee attachment scooters do not have steering wheels, or these scooters may just have a handle bar that is used to lift the walker up and forward. Some varieties can tip over easily if you suddenly lose your balance. The 4-wheel scooters allow for you to steer them about as you have more control of your movements.

Should I Use A Knee Scooter For Problems Such As Foot Swelling Or Varicose Veins?Again, always speak with your doctor about the type of mobility device you may need based on your specific medical condition. You do not want to cause further injury to your leg by using inappropriate medical devices. Scooters are often used when you have sprains to the ankle, torn Achilles tendons, or recent foot surgery. For some medical problems, such as venous ulcers, the doctor may recommend compression socks instead of a scooter device.

What Type Of Knee Scooter Is Available From Heal Well Medical Supply?We carry the 4-wheel variety because we have found that most of our customers prefer the increased mobility that these scooters provide. With the available steering wheel, you will find that you can move around corners and even go backwards with ease. The scooters also are more stable than other varieties as you always feel in control of it. Our customers have also commented about having a faster recovery time when using our knee scooters as you can see for yourself how much better you will feel when using one.