Once you hear of the many benefits of a knee walker or knee scooter as compared to traditional crutches you are likely to seek additional information regarding these innovative devices which shorten healing time, increase mobility and are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Here in Houston, Heal Well Medical Supply carries a number of knee scooters available for rent or purchase; the length of time you anticipate needing your scooter will help you decide whether rental or purchase is the better financial option.

Knee Scooters Shorten Healing Time and Increase Mobility

By resting your knee in a bent and stable position atop comfortable padding, knee scooters keep your injured foot off the floor and provide you with excellent balance and mobility. Since a knee scooter is designed to protect your injured foot and maintain it in a position which promotes healing, scooters typically shorten recovery time. With no stress placed upon the injured foot or leg, users are also likely to experience a more comfortable and mobile convalescence as compared to one assisted with traditional crutches.

Although a number of styles of knee scooters are available today, most customers prefer the 4-wheel models complete with steering wheels and brakes. Simpler models are much more difficult to use and provide lesser mobility while presenting a hazard as falls have been known to occur with models designed to operate without a steering wheel or braking system.

Should I Rent or Buy My Scooter?

When it comes time to decide between renting and purchasing a knee walker, you will need to estimate how long you'll be using your walker. In situations where you expect your recovery period to be 3 months or less, renting will likely be more affordable when compared to the outright purchase of a knee walker.

For long term needs, purchasing a high quality knee walker can provide years of assistance for those who anticipate a lengthy or permanent period of physical challenges which can be improved with the help of a knee walker.

Knee Scooters Are Available For Rent and Purchase In Houston

Houston area residents need not travel far when in need of medical supplies of all kinds, from simple wound care to knee scooters and wheelchair rental services. Additionally, knowledgeable and helpful professionals staffing our store can help you make appropriate decisions as to which type of knee walker or wheelchair will best meet your needs; since people come in all sizes, choosing a unit appropriate for your size and weight is critical for the comfortable and effective use of your knee walker or wheelchair.

Here at Heal Well Medical Supply, we carry a huge inventory of medical supplies for people of all ages and for many specific needs. If you would like to enjoy the benefits of a knee scooter and leave behind your old school crutches, come by our store to see for yourself just how comfortable and functional these innovative devices have become.