There may be a number of reasons as to why you have to wear compression socks. Your doctor may have suggested them as a way to compress your veins so that you can improve circulation. You may also be told to wear them if you have gout, are pregnant and flying in an airplane, and for various other reasons. Knowing about the fit ensures that you maximize the benefits to wearing them.

Compression socks are not going to be the most comfortable pair of socks that you own. They can be uncomfortable and this is because they are responsible for compressing the veins to ultimately improve the circulation within your legs.

Once you buy a pair of these socks, you should put them on to try them out. They are going to be tight around the foot, the ankle, and most of the calf. As they go up higher, they are going to be slightly less tight to help with the overall flow of blood.

If you put on a pair of compression socks and they are so tight that you can't roll them all the way up your leg, you want a larger size. If they are loose enough that you can fit a finger or two down the side, you want to go with a smaller size. Don't expect them to fit like regular socks because they are designed to help you with vascular problems.

The more you know about the health supplies that can help you, the better off you will be. Your doctor may tell you that to improve your mobility even further that it is a good idea to get a knee scooter. This can help you to push around and when you have the compression stockings on, it is going to help you get the blood pumping.

When you buy socks, it's a good idea to work with a company that allows returns. This ensures you don't waste your money buying all different sizes only to learn that they don't work. If something doesn't fit the way it should, you need to return them and make an exchange.

When you get a good fit on the socks, you get a better flow of blood, which is the whole idea.

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