Who has the Best Reviews for Compression Socks?

Heal Well Medical Supply keeps in stock compression socks from both Jobst and Activa. Both of these manufacturers provide products that receive great reviews from our customers.

Jobst has the best reviews when it comes to compression stockings. In fact, this company is considered 'the best of the best' when it comes to finding compression stockings. Some of the reasons why this company comes so highly recommended by our customers is because the socks are easy to put on and extremely comfortable.

Our customers that purchase Jobst compression stockings love the fact that they are ultrasheer for a very feminine look. Those that purchase the Jobst for Men stockings love that they have a contemporary and relaxed design that blends with almost any outfit.

Activa, the other compression stocking manufacturer we keep in stock, also comes highly recommended by our customers. Activa creates a variety of sturdy compression stockings for both men and women that are available at affordable prices. Contact us at Heal Well Medical Supply to talk with one of our experienced staff members about our current inventory of compression stockings and medical supplies.

Where I Can Purchase Affordable Compression Socks?

Heal Well Medical Supply keeps a variety of compression stockings for both men and women in stock at all times. Keeping a variety of stockings on hand allows us to always provide our customers with a product that will fit their wants and needs.

Customers that are unsure about making this type of purchase can rely upon our friendly staff members to help. Our staff can help our customers determine if ready-to-wear stockings provide the support and comfort they need.

If ready-to-wear stockings are not a good fit, our staff can help our customers order a pair of custom fit stockings. We have an on-site specialist who will work with any customer interested in purchasing custom stockings. Our specialist will map out your body contour and create a pair of custom made stockings. Contact us for more information on our custom compression stocking creation process.

What are the Advantages of Wearing Compression Socks?

There are a number of benefits our customers receive from purchasing and wearing compression stockings from our medical supply store in Houston. The benefits our customers receive will depend upon why the stockings are needed.

Our customers have relied upon compression socks to help reduce symptoms associated with varicose veins, provide maternity support, reduce foot and ankle swelling, and provide Edema prevention of venous ulcers. Other benefits our customers have seen from using this type of medical equipment include a speedy and safe recovery from surgery, a reduction in pain associated with tired and achy legs, and help with the management of PTS. Contact us or call our store to talk with one of our experienced employees about the advantages and benefits of using this type of medical equipment.