Choosing a wheelchair in Houston is a simple process once specific factors are taken into consideration. A person's size, weight, range of motion, degree of disability are the most important factors. The next thing to consider is how long the person will need to use the wheelchair. 

Temporary or Permanent

An individual who is recovering from an accident or surgical procedure may only need the chair for the amount of time they are spent recovering. This can be anywhere from a week or more to six months to a year. The severity of the injury and how it affects the person's mobility are the key factors. A reputable medical supply store will be able to help find a chair that will meet the persons' physical needs. A chair can then be rented on as needed basis.

A generic chair can be rented for temporary use at a very reasonable price. This type of chair, however, is extremely basic and can be very uncomfortable if a person has to use it for long periods of time. The amount of time the person will be required to use the chair will determine what type of chair they should rent or lease. There are chairs available that are somewhat more expensive, but will offer more comfort than the average use wheelchair.


Choosing a wheelchair in Houston for a person who has a progressive illness or disability may require a little customization. Individuals with specific needs such as limited strength or range of motion in the upper body, may require a motorized chair that does not require them to move the chair with their arms. 

If a person's torso or legs are not uniform, special wheel chair pads can be created to support their body and prevent fatigue and stress. The pads are made from a special foam that conforms to the exact shape of their body. This gives them maximum support without causing support and helps to protect their body from further injury. Supply store staff members can help a person find a wheelchair in Houston that is capable of meeting each person's individualized needs.

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