Is Knee Scooter Rental An Affordable Alternative To Purchasing a Knee Walker Unit?

Posted by Shareef Aldubais on 9/18/2014 to Knee Walker Houston
Once you hear of the many benefits of a knee walker or knee scooter as compared to traditional crutches you are likely to seek additional information regarding these innovative devices which shorten healing time, increase mobility and are available in a variety of sizes and styles.

Wheelchair Rental Infographic

Posted by Shareef Aldubais on 9/11/2014 to Wheelchair Sales and Rentals
Wheelchair Rental Infographic

Heal Well Medical Supply Answers the Question, When Are Compression Socks Needed?

Posted by Shareef Aldubais on 9/5/2014 to Medical Supply Education
At Heal Well Medical Supply, our professionally trained staff can help answer your questions concerning compression socks. They are uniquely designed socks that are made to be tight around the foot and looser fitting the farther they go up the leg. They are made to keep the circulatory system functioning at its best, especially in the lower extremities.

Do You Know Who Offers Wheelchair Rental Services in the Houston Area?

Posted by Shareef Aldubais on 9/2/2014 to Wheelchair Sales and Rentals
If you or a loved one will be temporarily off your feet due to an injury or while recovering from surgery, knowing who to contact for reliable wheelchair rental services in the Houston area can simplify your period of convalescence and help you obtain a wheelchair that will meet all of your needs without the upfront costs associated with the outright purchase of a wheelchair.