Is a Knee Walker Rental Affordable?

Posted by Shareef Aldubais on 12/11/2014 to Knee Walker Houston

A rented knee walker can be an affordable alternative to buying crutches or scooters if you will be using it for a short period of time. For people who will need to be off the injured foot or leg for a few days or weeks, you will find that renting the walker will allow you to save money.

How Can A Knee Walker Help Healing After An Injury Or Surgery?

Posted by Shareef Aldubais on 12/8/2014 to Knee Walker Houston

How Can a Knee Walker Help Healing After an Injury or SurgeryA walker for the knee or leg helps keep the leg elevated. The leg sits up on a support as you walk. With the leg supported, your surgery or injury can heal without any additional trauma inflicting the leg. The walker allows for mobility inside the house and outside along the street.