Where People go for the Best Stocked Supply of Medical Supplies in Houston?

Heal Well Medical Supply is owned and operated by the Aldubais family in Houston, Texas. We are conveniently located in the Houston Medical Center. Our company provides caring and concerned customer service for hospitals, surgery centers, home care agencies, physician offices, and commercial laundries with a wide range of medical products at reasonable prices.

Emergency Preparedness Medical Supplies for Back- Up First Aid:

People think that our products are for patients and their families, exclusively, but many people are becoming aware of the benefits of preparing for natural disaster type emergencies, like floods, super storms, and tornadoes, that cause extended power outages, and other events which require a stock of back-up medical and hygiene supplies.

The advantage of purchasing supplies in quantity, from a medical supply store is that they are easily stored in a small space. New chemical applications of hot and cold packs, no longer need to be kept in a refrigerator, and take up little storage space. Packs of disposable gloves, disinfectants, odor removers, and aids for daily living, are conveniently packaged to take up little space.

Having a few medical supplies on hand for emergencies could save a life, and make others comfortable in the event of injuries. Another interesting item to think about are scrubs. These are garments used by surgical staff, are light weight, easy to clean and dry. They are packed in quantity, in a very small space. Include several sizes to accommodate different family members, or even neighbors in need.

Order Medical Supplies by Phone to Save Money and Time:

Heal Well Medical Supplies in Houston, have every type of medical solution, from wheelchairs to wound care to respiratory equipment. Our exceptional service includes 10,000 different types of medical products in stock, with at least 1,000 ready for same-day delivery. It's a fact, we could stock over 250,000 products, but we have a system to search for hard-to-find medical products. We'll help you get what you need in a short time. There are many options because we have a national warehouse, in addition to our local warehouse, that ships product to us on a regular basis.

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