Q: Why Should You Buy Medical Supplies from a Local Retailer?A: There are a number of reasons why customers prefer to purchase their supplies from a local retailer, as opposed to mail order catalogs or shopping online with a major chain retailer. Some of those reasons include the ability to interact directly with a knowledgeable customer service representative, the chance to try out items before purchasing them, and the ability to return items in store

Q: Is the Inventory Limited when Shopping at a Local Retailer?A: No, the inventory is not limited when shopping for medical supplies from a local retailer like Heal Well Medical Supply. Many customers are concerned that they will be limited in the items they can purchase because they are shopping from a local retailer, but that is not true.

Heal Well Medical Supply has a vast inventory of over 1,500 items that are available for immediate purchase. These are items that are available for our customers to try out before purchasing.

In addition to the items that are available in-store, there are also approximately 10,000 items that can be special ordered. Customers can visit or call our store to have any of these items sent directly to us. It will take approximately 24-48 hours for the item to be sent to our store, where it will be waiting for our customer to pick it up.

Q: Can Items Be Returned Directly to the Store?A: Yes, if you purchase an item from us and are not satisfied with it, we encourage you to return it directly to us. When you return it to us, we will work with you to find you an item that will suit your needs.

Q: What Other Services may be offered by a Local Medical Supply Retailer?A: Selling medical supplies isn't the only thing a local retailer, like Heal Well Medical Supply, does. In addition to selling necessary medical equipment, the store offers rental services. Our store offers walker, wheelchair, and knee walker rental services.

Sometimes customers may only need to use a piece of medical equipment for a limited time. It can be costly to purchase medical equipment, especially if a customer is only using it for a short period of time. Renting the item from our store is a better and more cost-effective option.

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