Heal Well Medical Supply Answers the Question, When Are Compression Socks Needed?

Posted by Shareef Aldubais on 9/5/2014 to Medical Supply Education
At Heal Well Medical Supply, our professionally trained staff can help answer your questions concerning compression socks. They are uniquely designed socks that are made to be tight around the foot and looser fitting the farther they go up the leg. They are made to keep the circulatory system functioning at its best, especially in the lower extremities.

What are Compression Stockings

Posted by Shareef Aldubais on 12/5/2013 to Medical Supply Education
What are compression stockings? what are they good for? Do I need compression garments? What types of compression are there? These are just a few of the questions people ask when they come to our store. In this article we will talk about what compression stockings are and how to go about choosing the right one.