Once the doctor has told you that you have sprained your ankle, broken your foot, or injured yourself in some other way, you have to think about mobility. Sitting around and having people bring things to you is only going to last so long. At some point, you have to get back on your feet - though your meet may not be able to handle it. This is when it's time to explore a knee walker.

Your feet may not be ready to endure a lot of pressure. Crutches can be awkward and if you don't know how to use them, you could end up enduring more physical therapy because of injuring yourself even further.

A knee walker is going to take the pressure off of your foot entirely. This is because you will press your knee onto a pad and scoot around with the other foot. This can be a great way to improve your mobility while dealing with a foot sprain or anything else that is going on.

Any time you can take the pressure off of your foot and ankle when you are in recovery mode, it is going to be the best. Your doctor is going to tell you to rest with your leg up as much as possible. When you're on the go, this is going to be an option that allows you to listen to the doctor and still move around as you need to.

Just as you are told to wear compression socks when there are circulation problems, you have to keep the weight off. One of the easiest ways to do what is with a knee walker. Many models are available, allowing you to take a seat on it when you are not in motion. There are also various baskets and such on them so that you can carry things along with you.

If you are injured and the idea of crutches doesn't sit well with you, there is another mobility option to explore. Since there are so many different models, you want to determine what you need and look at the features. This ensures that you can get what you need, all the while listening to doctor's orders so you can be a good patient and stay on the path to recovery.