Abdominal Pad McKesson NonWoven / Cellulose / Moisture Barrier 5 X 9 Inch Rectangle Sterile

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McKesson ABD Non-Woven Cellulose Moisture Barrier Sterile Pads are single use abdominal pads that are rectangular in shape and non-woven to provide a moisture barrier between the wound bed and the healthy skin, preventing the spread of infection. The pad is white for a better view of the product and also makes it easier to monitor how much exudate is being lifted throughout the wound's healing process. The higher absorption rate means faster wicking for drier wound sites and has sealed edges to prevent leaking. The pads are available in multiple sizes including five, seven and eight inch widths as well as eight, nine and 10 inch lengths.
Each pad is individually wrapped for sterility. To avoid allergic reactions the dressing is made without any latex products.
  • McKesson Combine ABD Pads
  • 5 inch x 9 inch (12.7 cm x 22.9 cm)
  • Sterile
  • Non-woven outer fabric with inner cellulose tissue construction that helps provide maximum moisture barrier.
  • Clean, white color.
  • Sealed edges to prevent leaking.
  • Superior absorption with virtually no linting.
  • Faster wicking for drier wound sites.
  • Single Use
  • Not Made With Natural Rubber Latex.
  • Packaged: 1 Per Pack, 20 Packs Per Box, 20 Boxes Per Case

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